AIR - What does style mean to you?

Blending an ultramodern style and high-performance light engine for the ultimate communal lighting.

With its smooth, minimalist luminaire design, the AIR generates a sense of prestige. This accent piece enhances the space around it, as much as a high-performance pendant. The contemporary body suits any room aesthetic, from crisp white foyers to elegant halls, adding to the style of the space. Dimmable as standard and available in 2 outputs, the level of illuminance can be tuned to the exact requirements of the space.

Modern Suspended Pendant

Lobbies and foyers are the first spaces that visitors see upon entering a building. Communal lighting focuses on providing the right level of illumination, as well as a contemporary luminaire design to further accentuate the space. How would you light an atrium?

DALI Dimmable

The AIR has DALI dimmable as standard allowing for the reduction in output depending on the mood and requirements. This adds to the high luminaire performance, achieving up to 113 lm/W.

3 Colours

Available in a choice of three colours, black, white or grey, choose the style that suits the room, giving designers more freedom to create.

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